Venture Safety Services deliver a range of training services that meet the requirements of our clients.

We offer a range of standard or bespoke courses.


Training Courses-


Heath & Safety Seminar Sessions- 3hr "ToolBox" Talks introducing basic Health & Safety Subjects.


Risk Assessment Training- 3hr-1 day Courses.


Health & Safety Qualifications-

    - Level 1 & 2 Health & Safety in the Workplace

    - Level 1 & 2 Fire Safety


First Aid Qualifications-

    - Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work (6hrs)

    - Level 2 Activity (Sports) First Aid (12hrs)

    - Level 2/3 Paediatric (6-12hrs)

    - Level 3 First Aid at Work (18hrs)

    - Level 3 First Aid at Work Refresher (12hrs)

    - Level 3 Outdoor First Aid (16hrs)

    - Expedition First Aid

    - Remote Environment First Aid

    - Hostile Environment First Aid 


Safe Operations in Remote Environments (SORE) Training Courses-

    - Safety & Security in Remote Environments

    - Using & Working with Vehicles

    - Environmental Specific Modules- Mountains/ Jungle/ Desert/ Polar/ Maratime/ Urban.


1 Day Intro to Safety & Security in Remote Environments (NGOs)


Off-Site Safety Management (RGS-IBG) Course


Travel Safety for Overseas Workers/ GAP and Business Travellers.


Crisis Management Training.


Hostile Environmental Awareness Training (HEAT).


Leadership Training Programmes- Business/ Expedition/ Outdoor.


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